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  • ECHO (European Cities of Historical Organs)

    ECHO (European Cities of Historical Organs) is an association of nine cities in as many EU-countries, disposing of precious historic organs, cities where the care of organ-culture plays an important role. It is the predominant aim of ECHO to encourage and foster this care and the historic heritage by a vast number of means and across borders.


    Right now (2015), ECHO consists of nine cities: Alkmaar (The Netherlands), Brussels (Belgium), Freiberg (Germany), Fribourg (Switzerland), Innsbruck (Austria), Mafra (Portugal), Toulouse (France), Treviso (Italy) and Trondheim (Norway).


    Most ECHO cities support an international organ festival. In the case of Brussels, this role is played by tBSO, the federation of associations animating the organ life in the european capital.