With the support
of the alderman
for Culture
in the city
of Brussels


Brussels city of organs

The word of the president

In 2007 came the enthusiasm to group the Central Brussels' organ concert organizers with the help of town's culture department. We have magnificent organs in Brussels, talented organists, and a solid number of organ fans and lovers as audience. Historically, this capital of europe has played an important role, in terms of the development of French and Belgian romantic organ school. The BSO actually groupes five concert organizers (Organo Voce, Ars in Cathedrali, Organ on Monday, Dominicans and Concerts of Laeken) and collaborates with others organizers outside of Central Brussels (concerts of Saint-Servais and Epiphany church in Schaerbeek, organ concerts at St. Pierre in Jette, Novum Organum in Ixelles). The organs will be heard during concerts, in guided tours, children's projects, and exhibitions (e.g. in 2009 at the House of Folklore and Traditions).


The BSO holds about 120 events a year. From the Renaissance to contemporary music, and of course Baroque, Romantic and Symphonic music : the organ culture is incredibly fertile. And it is also a collaboration with ECHO (European Cities of Historical Organs), which counts Central Brussels as its member. See you then, at our next concert !


Xavier Deprez,