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organ on Monday

LORET organ

Lundi d’Orgue asbl

Notre-Dame du Finistère

Rue du Pont Neuf, 45

1000 Bruxelles


+32 2 217 52 52



Number of company

BE 0898 466 557


Number of bank account

IBAN : BE98 0003 2572 5693

  • Origins and purpose of the association

    The Lundi d'Orgue concerts started following the organ's inauguration festivities in the Our Lady's Finisterrae church in May 2000.


    The original organ constructed by Hippolyte Loret in 1856 was restored by the Manufacture d'Orgue de Ster Francorchamps in Belgium, with Prof. Jean Ferrard as a project leader.


    We would like to quote the words that the Dean of central Bruxelles wrote at the time:


    "A church of Finisterae is no doute a church of reconciliation, for men and women of the town in search of inner peace.

    And the organ has an important role for it.

    Because the organ which possess all the variety of stops, is capable of giving the musical richness to satisfy the deep and varied feelings of people, and will arouse an intense interiority.

    The organ of the Finisterrae church is so remarkably restored that not only it harmonizes perfectly with the church interior, it meets the pastoral vocation of the church and its community : offering the place of emotion, of calming, of silence and of beauty."


    Raymond Van Schoubroeck



    Welcome to everyone, here are the words of the president of the Lundi d'Orgue a.s.b.l. (non profit organisation)


    Every Monday, free entrance to a concert from 12:45 to 13:30.

    A moment of organ music inside an inspired and inspiring place, to listen to the varied composers' works under the fingers of artists from different horizons. Once a month will be the church's main organists, Momoyo Kokubu and Xavier Deprez at the organ. Sometimes other instruments or voices will be heard in response to the organ.


    The end of the concert is always magic : all smily faces looking up to the organ loft to clap hands and thank this spiritual moment, before returning to their works, or their daily life, hoping to come back the week after if they will be nearby again!


    The strangers or  the tourists who happened to be there by accident, leave delighted of this unexpected artistic moment. More and more, however, people come for a specific artist or a program, so the Lundi d'Orgue posters are useful.


    A church as a roof of artists, an open church for everybody, no difference of where they are from or where they are going to, the wind blows wherever it pleases : that is where my faith lays.


    Anne van der Vaeren

  • Means employed

    • Promoting and enhancing the organ Loret Thomas in the liturgy and the concert
    • Organization of weekly concerts by titular organists Momoyo Kokubu and Xavier Deprez and with guest artists, professionals and future professionals
    • Springboard for young organists students through the creation of scholarship organist
    • Place for families in the annual program
    • Collaboration with the ECHO Association each year
  • Executive board

    Anne Van Der Vaeren, president

    Momoyo Kokubu, Xavier Deprez, administrators

    Pascal Cardon, Laurent Fobelets, members

  • Next concert

    Every monday of the year, from 12:45 to 1:30 pm, except Easter Monday and Pentecost Monday.

  • Informations

    Free admission to the concerts.

    You can support the activity of concerts following this account number:

    IBAN BE98 0003 2572 5693 BPOTBEB1 with the mention : donation for the activities of Organ on Monday