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  • Grenzing 2000 Nave Organ

    It is during the spring of the year 2000 that the new organ was hooked on the North wall of the Cathedral : this instrument has been built by Gerhard Grenzing and his team in the workshop of El Papiol (Barcelona). The organ is made of three parts : the central one with the console of four keyboards and pedal, and 63 stops, and the two pedal towers. The organ is located in a swallow’s nest, and the weight is about thirty tons. This organ location is one of the best in this big acoustic as the sound is reflected by the walls in front and the vault.

    This is one of the oldest location of organ in big churches and cathedrals. Other ones remains in France or Germany like in Metz, Chartres, Köln.


    The style of the new main organ of the Cathedral is mostly baroque, but suits also the neo-classical repertoire as the modern one. The deep and rich sonority of the plenum (25 ranks) is typical of the north european countries. This plenum is colored by flutes and mutations stops, and also a great variety of reeds. Some of them are from Spain, the horizontal trumpets (chamadas). An electronic combiner is used for the task of the registration.

    Gerhard Grenzing builds organs in a traditional way : the tracker is mechanical for the keyboards and the pedal, as it was done in former times, as for the windchest with stops. Organists do appreciate the vivacity of the the mechanical traction of the organs of Gerhard Grenzing. Same for the pipes, which are also built and tuned in the traditional way.

    Noble material is used for the building as well as materials of our time, like marine plywood for the windchest, so they are more solid and they can resist longer. The pedal transmission is made by metallic cables.


    To stand up, the organ is supported by a metallic corset, which is hidden by wood panels.

    This metallic structure, combined with the beam structure is very particular of this organ : without it, this project would have not been possible. Organists have a great feeling of solidity.

  • Disposition

     A= 440 Hz


    I. Positif (58 notes)

    Bourdon 16

    Montre 8

    Bourdon 8

    Quintadeen 8

    Prestant 4

    Flûte à cheminée 4

    Nasard 2 2/3

    Doublette 2

    Tierce 1 3/5

    Larigot 1 1/3

    Mixture V-VI

    Trompette 8

    Cromorne 8

    Tremblant doux


    II. Grand-orgue (58 notes)

    Montre 16

    Montre 8

    Flûte harmonique 8

    Bourdon à cheminée 8

    Viole de gambe 8

    Prestant 4

    Flûte conique 4

    Quinte 2 2/3

    Doublette 2

    Mixture IV

    Cymbale III-IV

    Trompette 16

    Trompette 8

    III. Récit expressif (58 notes)

    Salicional 8

    Gambe 8

    Voix céleste 8

    Cor de nuit 8

    Prestant 4

    Flûte octaviante 4

    Nasard 22/3

    Quarte 2

    Sifflet 1

    Plein-jeu IV-V

    Tiercelette III

    Basson 16

    Trompette harmonique 8

    Hautbois 8


    IV. Solo expressif (58 notes)

    Bourdon 8

    Viola 8

    Voce humana 8

    Prestant 4

    Flageolet 2

    Larigot 1 1/3

    Cornet V

    Trompeta batalla 8

    Bajoncillo-Tr. magna 4-16

    Voix humaine 8

    Douçaine 8

    Tremblant doux

    Pédalier (32 notes)

    Principal 16

    Soubasse 16

    Grosse Quinte 10 2/3

    Flûte 8

    Basse 8

    Gros Nasard 5 1/3

    Prestant 4

    Fourniture V

    Contre-posaune 32

    Posaune 16

    Trompette 8

    Clairon 4


    Accouplements et tirasses


  • Discography

    Cathédrale de Bruxelles, Orgue Grenzing


    Jean Ferrard: Peter Cornet, Franz Tunder

    Xavier Deprez: Nicolas de Grigny, Johann Sebastian Bach

    Jozef Sluys: Felix Mendelssohns

    Stanislas Deriemaeker: César Franck

    Bernard Foccroulle: Philippe Boesmans

    CD Ars Musici 1304, 2000

    Bach ex Cathedra


    Xavier Deprez plays the new Grenzing organ of the Cathedral of Brussels

    with masterpieces of Johann Sebastian Bach.

    Disque Melophone 03-001

    Benoît Mernier: Missa Regis Gentium - Inventions


    Capella Sancti Michaelis, Olivier Opdebeeck conductor

    Xavier Deprez organ, Benoît Mernier organ

    CD Cypres 4612

    Chris Christoffels: Missa brevisᅠ


    Soren-Nils Eichberg conductor

    Rosa Brandao Soprano, Beata Morawska Mezzo-soprano, Luc de Meulenaere Counter-tenor, Paul Gérimon Bass, I Musici Brucelensis (dir. Jean-Michel Alexandre)

    Xavier Deprez organ


    Emitte spiritum tuum, Cathedral music


    Works of Bikkembergs, Ceuleers, Deprez.

    Xavier Deprez organ

    Capella SS. Michaelis & Gudulae, Brussels


    Jürgen Essl: Orgel-Improvisationen vol.5: Pfingsten


    Jürgen Essl organ

    CD ORGANpromotion 7005

    Meisterwerke der deutschen Romantik Kathedrale Brüssel


    Jozef Sluys organ

    CD Motette 13171, 2004ISBN:4 008950 131719

    Bernard Foccroulle plays the Grenzing Organ
    in the Brussels Cathedral - ARS MUSICA 2002


    CD Ricercar 209, 2002

    Jozef Sluys : Organo Grenzing


    CD Prezioso 820.209, 2001

    Jean Ferrard : Four Centuries of Belgian Organ Music


    CD SIC 007, 2001


  • Collon 1977 Choir Organ

    Instrument in the German baroque style, after Gottfried Silbermann's (1683-1753) dispositions.

  • Disposition

     A=440 Hz

    Temperament Werckmeister III


    I. Oberwerk (54 notes)

    Gedackt 8

    Quintadena 8 (c)

    Principal 4

    Rohrflöte 4

    Nasat 2 2/3

    Terz 1 3/5

    Quinte 1 1/3

    Sifflöte 1

    Mixtur III

    Vox humana 8

    II. Hautpwerk (54 notes)

    Bordun 16

    Principal 8

    Gedackt 8

    Octave 4

    Spitzflöte 4

    Quinte 2 2/3

    Superoctave 2

    Terz 1 3/5

    Mixtur IV

    Cymbel III

    Trompete 8

    Pédale (30 notes)

    Subbass 16

    Principalbass 8

    Octavbass 4

    Posaunenbass 16

    Trompetenbass 8

    Clarinbass 4


    Accouplements et tirasses

    I/II, II/Ped

  • Discography

    Johann Sebastian Bach Orgelbüchlein


    Collon-Orgel, Kathedrale, Brüssel

    Jozef Sluys

    CD Ars Musici 233072, 2010

  • Collon 1973 Positive Organ

    Positive organ for solo and accompaniment.

  • Disposition

    54 notes

    A=440 HZ

    Temperament Werckmeister III


    Gedackt 8

    Flöte 4 B + D

    Oktav 2 B + D

    Sesquialter II D

    Mixtur III

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    Xavier Deprez